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We work with many different insurance companies. Understanding your mental/behavioral health benefit can be difficult to do particularly if you are in the midst of an emotional crisis. With your permission, we would like to free you of that burden by verifying your benefit for you. Once your benefit has been verified we will contact you to provide you with the detailed information regarding what your insurance company is contracted to reimburse for as well as what your personal payment responsibility is. In order to make you feel comfortable, we are willing to inform you of what your out-of-pocket cost will be before your first appointment.


Cash fees

Marital, Couples and Family therapy
$120.00 per 60-minute session

Individual therapy
$100 per 60-minute session


Sliding scale fee

If you are interested in therapy but our prices are unmanageable for you, we are willing to evaluate your financial position with you to determine if we can arrange a fee that both parties feel comfortable with.